Serve at st mary's



Every year we have an annual meeting as part of our morning service (April 30th) and as part of this we have nominations for church wardens, deanery synod reps, church council (PCC) members & sidespeople. At the same time we are also looking for people to serve as assistant wardens and Sunday managers.

Serving is a way to get to know people and to express our faith. Have a look below to see if you feel lead to serve in any of these positions . Do chat to anyone mentioned about the different roles. 
Every blessing, Mike Jones


Electoral Roll

Joining the electoral roll signals that you want to be a member of the church. It also means that you can be on PCC and if there is ever a vote that you can vote. 

You need to have been coming for 6 months to the church or live in the parish and also be baptised to be on the roll. If you are not baptised then talk to mike!  

Pick up a sheet in church to join the roll or download here and print.



This committee looks after the building and  is part of the shaping of the future of St Mary’s.

The size of our PCC is determined by the size of our electoral roll.  We have 5 vacancies: 4 for three years and 1 for two years.

Currently on PCC are:
Retiring 2018: Samson Ndebele, Crispen Nyatsuro, Jo Kinninmonth (3); Retiring 2019: Alan Sookrah, Zoe Moran, Sue Carter (3); Clergy: Mike Jones, Andy Gardner. Non-attenders but eligible: Catherine Moss and Chris Adams
Member through General Synod: Peter Adams
Members who retire this year are:  Anne Adams, Gordon Shrosbree, Andrew Rodell, Andy Williams

Deanery Synod

Helps shape the future of the Anglican Church in Luton.  Members go to 3 deanery synod meetings per year and are on PCC.  There are three vacancies for these posts which last three years. 

Representatives on the Deanery Synod term ending this year – 2017.  Clive Barratt, John Mascoll, John Spurgeon. Do talk to anyone mentioned above if you are interested in being part of this committee.


Welcome the congregation, assist in seating those who attend, introduce newcomers, take collections and, in special circumstances, help with counting them. 

Currently: Alyssa Blanch, Sandy Crossman, Lorna Davitt, Andy Fisher, Christine Gibson, Beryl Gough, Ralph Gough, Ulrike Hunt, Peggy I’ons, Glen Lath
 If you can be on time and are friendly then please come join us! 

Sunday Manager
(New role!)

As simple role of the Sunday job of the Church Warden once a month or every other month, just to give the wardens a Sunday off. They oversee what the assistant wardens do and are on duty on a given Sunday.

We would especially invite people who have been warden or assistant warden to step into this role.

Assistant Church Wardens

Set up the church for services, oversee the sidespeople, count the congregation, guide people along to communion stations during Holy Communion services, responsible for the security of the building and go to people for fire and other emergencies. They have, or shortly will have, undergone fire and emergency aid training.

Current wardens: Lorna Davitt, Idon Essien, John Mascoll, Samson Ndebele, Tina Ogunyanwo, Andrew Rodell, Mark Stevens 
We need more assistant wardens so please consider joining us.

Pray For Our Church Wardens

These are key posts. Standing down this year is Richard Hearing.  Standing this year are Penny Fisher and Carol Stevens. 

Alex Jones