An Evening with Dr Tony Campolo

Tony Campolo.png

Renewal in the Church has often been led by common everyday people, and yet these kind of people are under-represented among Christian leaders today. We want to challenge this.

We’re delighted to be hosting Rev Dr Tony Campolo as part of the Urban Change Makers UK Tour. He will lead this seminar for Christian activists, thinkers and leaders who care about God's work in urban priority areas. We hope this gathering will help bring people together to be inspired and informed to better see change from within urban neighbourhoods. The seminar is free with a donation for a scholarship supporting local leaders in the Urban Change Makers programme. 

Urban Change Makers is a new emerging leaders programme that focuses on working class leadership development from within urban priority areas. UCM is initiated by Newbigin School for Urban Leadership and Worth Unlimited in conjunction with local hubs who nominate and send small teams of emerging leaders to the 10 month programme that includes week-end intensives, coaching, site visits and investors panel. For more UCM details see: 

Lesley Shrosbree