Heating Project Update - Work begins!

Heating Project Update:  Thursday 10th January

The work to install a new heating system in church has begun!  The church was handed over to contractors on Monday 7th January, and it is now off limits to everyone until the work is completed.   


A huge amount of work took place during the holiday, packing away furniture, wrapping in plastic to protect from dust, and most of all the removal of some 60 years worth of wiring from the heating trenches.  The tech team removed 107kg of wire , much of it redundant. Thanks to everyone who helped. The church looks very different!


 Now the contractors are at work boarding up vulnerable places like the baptistery, the pulpit and the glass doors.  (And installing their toilet!) Over the next few weeks they will be lifting out the old pipes and boiler, and then will begin the work of installing the new system. We hope to keep you updated with pictures.

 One thing we will be keeping hold of is the piece of pipe that carries the date of the installation of the last system – 1895 on one piece of pipe!!   See the picture below.  They don’t make things like that anymore!