Small groups are very important to us at St Mary’s.   

As a town centre church we have found that small groups are one of the main ways that people get to know each other as part of the St Mary's family and we have a number of groups where you will find a warm welcome.

We also have some exciting developments with new groups launching very soon.  
To find out more, or to join a small group please contact Eleanor, our Small Group coordinator via the church office.


Short Term Groups

Learning how to be a Peaceable Person

Group Leader: Cathy Nobles. Time & Place: Mondays 7.30 - 9.00pm in London Road area

For this home bible study, the group is going to be exploring scriptures that help us cultivate in our own hearts and minds a way to live peaceably with others especially in our families. Each week we will take a different scripture passage that we will discuss looking for the ways in which early Christians learned to live out Jesus’ mandate of peace. Through scripture, some teaching and discussion we will learn how to learn from and to handle conflict and to solve issues that cause us to fail at being peaceable people.  

This home bible study will be 7 weeks in length, starting on Monday 1st October.

Understanding Cross Cultural Mission Today

Group Leader: Angela Symonds Time & place: Thursdays, time and venue TBC

1. Introduction to Cross cultural mission in the Bible – God’s concern for the whole world. Biblical basis of Mission OT introduction, and NT Introduction (2 weeks)

2. Mission Past and Future

 Brief introduction to Christian Mission to the world from the NT times to now. (1 week)

 Trends in Cross cultural Mission today – as we move into the future (1 week)

3. The Challenges of being a Missionary

Crossing cultures for the sake of the Gospel, Missionary lifestyle, Understanding other World views (2 weeks)

This group will be 6 weeks in length on the following Thursdays: 4th Oct, 11th Oct, 18th Oct, 1st Nov, 8th Nov, 15th Nov.

Update: Now starting on 11th October

Relational skills to improve your life

Group Leader: Mike Jones Time & place: Wednesdays 7.30pm, starting 3rd October - venue TBC


Improved relationships!

Let's be honest, much of the struggle people face today is directly related to the lack of skills they possess to make relationships work. As a church we seek to be a transforming community and part of that is helping people improve their relationships by improving their relational skills.

Why? Because improved relational skills produce: 

  • Closer relationships with God

  • Stronger marriages

  • Emotionally healthy children

  • Lasting friendships

  • Vibrant small groups

  • Authentic witnesses

  • and so much more!

Come and join this pilot group as we explore what this means for each of us. If you want to find out more about the kind of approach we will be taking then take a look at 

Mike Small group.jpg

Long Term Groups

Men's Movie Night

Time & Place:  19.30 on 14th September
at St Mary's Church in the meeting room

See Richard Hearing or Richard Cowling for more details.

Ladies' Group

Time & Place:  20.00 on Tuesdays in various locations

Please let Eleanor Hearing know if you would like to attend.

Group Leader: Carol Stevens

Time & Place: Alternate Tuesday evenings in Stockwood Area

We meet to eat, support and pray for each other and look to do life together whilst having fun and learning about God.  


Group Leaders: Andy & Penny Fisher     

Time & Place: Wednesday evenings in Stopsley

Our group is about food, fun, fellowship and finding out what the Bible has to say about some of the key issues we come across.

We are a very friendly group who welcomes those who are new to faith as well as those who have been walking the journey for a while now.

Group Leaders: Adele Connelly & Clive Barrett       

Time & Place: Thursday evenings in various locations around Luton

In our group we like to take time to go deep into the Word, although we also take time to get to know each other, to eat together, to pray for one another, to take an interest in one another’s lives and to worship together.

Our aim in it all is to deepen in our discipleship of Jesus - to enjoy who God is, what he has done, what he is doing and what he wants to continue to do in our lives by the power of his Spirit in us.

Group Leaders: Alison Elliott & Chantal O’Donnell

Time & Place: Fortnightly on Wednesday mornings near L & D Hospital

We believe we need to continue to seek the heights and depths of God’s love. It’s an ongoing journey of discovery for us all.We’re young at heart. We may be limited in some ways, but we can pray, support, listen and encourage – so that’s what we do! We’re ‘family’ to each other and rejoice that we are able to trust one another enough to share honestly our hopes and fears and ‘seeking.’