Mike Jones - God and your daily life

Reflecting on the ways God works in your life

We believe that God can find us in our day to day lives yet its easy to pass through a week without noticing, seeking or finding him.

Over the last couple of months I have been thinking and praying about this, asking myself, what patterns of meeting with God or experiencing his leading do I see?  Why is that?  I wonder what you see when you look at your life.

I’ve noticed that God speaks to me in different ways and at different times.  As I’ve chatted with others, we have come up with these areas.  They are not exhaustive but illustrative.

If you look at your life, I wonder,
What patterns of meeting with Christ, or experiencing the leading of the Holy Spirit do you see?
What do you notice? Why? Reflect on it.
What do you want to give thanks for?
Is there something you / God would change?

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