Mike Jones - Peter Adams tells the story behind the news

Earlier this week Peter Adams posted a very encouraging story on his personal blog.“Eighteen months ago far right group Britain First planned a demonstration in Luton. It was surely a decision that they would come to regret.   Today former leader Paul Golding was sentenced to eight weeks in prison and £11,500 costs. A short sentence but a huge cost that may well break the organisation, a registered political party. It's a great development and the story deserves to be told. …” 

Peter tells the story about how many of us at St Marys and the churches in Luton have played a  key role in this story. Challenging those who seek to divide and spread hatred in the Luton community. There is a lot for us to learn from this story as we develop St Marys Centre for Peace and Reconciliation.  Read some of the facts behind the headline here

Mike Jones