Sunday Kids – Young Church

  • Families begin their worship time together at St Mary’s church on a Sunday morning at 10.30 and the children are invited to attend their groups in the hall.
  • When directed, parents will guide their children to the Main hall in the church extension.
  • Parents will be asked to register their children for the session and collect a pass anger which they free to rejoin the service in the main church.

  • Towards the end of the service the children will return to join the main body of the church and parents are invited to collect their children from the Wenlock chapel and hand their pass back to the children’s leaders... (The leaders can be identified by their T. Shirts).

  • The teaching curriculum used at St Mary’s is Carousel, we adapt this to suit the children and our sessions involve prayer, a bible story, craft and games.

  •  All the elements are used to teach and have fun together and to discover more about Jesus.

Young Church lasts approx. 45mins and children are divided into 3 groups:


0-3 Creche is in the Meeting room

3-5’s meet in the main hall

6-11's meet in the main hall


We also have..


Toy Corner

We also offer a toy corner at St Marys for children under 3 years, where parents can stay in the church to worship with their young babies, we offer activity bags for Children over 3 years.

All Age

Young Church meets on a Sunday on weeks 2, 3, & 4 (and 5). On the first Sunday of each Month the families join together for an All Age Sunday in the church. On the 5th Sunday all children join together in the hall for a special prayer and praise session with activities and games.

Midweek kids –CHIMPS

Chimps is our award-winning* parents & toddlers group on Wednesday mornings (10.00-11.30am) during term time.
Lots of fun and activities for babies and toddlers and a great place for parents to connect and support one another.
Refreshments for adults and children plus parties on special occasions. Cost £1 per session.
Drop in sometime or, for more information, email
*Netmums Favourite 2013


If you would like to help or serve in Young Church, you can volunteer as follows...


  • Pray for the young Church leaders
  • Pray for the children that they may grow strong spiritually in their faith and walk with Jesus
  • Pray for the planning and teaching and a programme that is effective
  • Pray for protection and safety for the leaders and children



    Helping & Serving

    • Join the team – There is plenty of opportunities to get involved, eg. registration, preparing crafts, listening, games, being supportive
    • Learn together and have fun