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Student and Young Adults Weekend Away

On the 16th - 18th February we are returning to Burnham on Sea for our weekend away! Its going to be lots of fun, lots of food, lots of free time and lots of good friends. If you're interested, please email either bethanywest@stmarysluton.org or adamwhiting@stmarysluton.org .



  • After the weekend away, we will be relaunching the student ministry group. This will be held before the Sunday evening service 'Church At Seven.' We will be offering FREE food (thats right, no charge at all), all cooked and prepared at St. Mary's. After sharing food together,  there is an option to join us at the church at seven service which has an awesome vibe. Following this, we will be walking over to the local watering hole (AKA Pub) to hang out and chat through any questions to may have from the service. 


  • New Students and Young Adults Pastors!! 

Introducing the new students and young adults pastors! They will be the contacts for any questions you may have and they always welcome going to grab some food or a coffee with you! Introducing: 

           Bethany West                 &                 Adam Whiting 


To contact Adam directly, please email him on: adamwhiting@stmarysluton.org

To contact Bethany directly please email her on: bethanywest@stmarysluton.org                                                               


 For generic information/questions regarding our students and young adults ministry please email: students@stmarysluton.org

153 - Weekend away

Checkout the photos from our brilliant weekend away in Somerset