Men’s Ministry

Here at St. Mary’s we are fortunate to have a large number of men worshipping together within a congregation of several hundred. To help us catch up with each other, and have fun, we set a schedule of events each year.
You who’ll see from the schedule below that we have a variety of events:

• We always go out several evenings a year for a curry.
• Then there’s the breakfasts that are held at a local pub
• The events themselves are always enormous fun.
• And most importantly – The Men’s Walking Weekend. This is a ‘must do’ event. Keep an eye out for details of our next weekend away..


Currently we have:

Our men's movie night on specific wednesdays at st mary's church.

We arrive at 19.00 with our own food, drinks and snacks to begin the movie at 19.30.
Organised by Richard Hearing, Richard Cowling and Simon Shirley. Contact them or email the church office for more details -