The bellringers at St. Mary's ring for Sunday morning services each week and also practise most Tuesday evenings.  They ring for weddings and special occasions when requested.  All of the St. Mary's ringers are members of the Bedfordshire Association of Church Bellringers, which was founded in 1882 to encourage the art of change ringing.  The Association organises ringing at most of the towers in the county and also social events and competitions.  Ringers are sure of a warm welcome at any of the thousands of towers in the British Isles and in the U.S.A., Australia and other parts of the world where English-style ringing is practised.

Ringing Times: Sunday 9.20am-10.00am and practise session on Tuesday 7.30pm-8.30pm

Ringers include men and women, boys and girls (minimum age 10, under 18's parental supervision required).  What they do have in common is a love of the noise that bells make and a desire to improve the performance of their team.  Would you like to join them?  There is always a warm welcome for new recruits.  It must be realised however, that regular commitment is essential for success.

If you would like to try or need more information please contact: 

Dee Vanner (Hon. Secretary)  (01582) 619738


Luton church had five bells until 1775 when a ring of eight bells was cast at Whitechapel.  These bells lasted until just after the Second World War when their musical qualities and mechanical condition were so poor that a decision was made to replace them in 1948, a new ring of ten bells was cast by John Taylor &.Co. of Loughborough.  The heaviest bell ('tenor') weighted 25cwt.  The new bells were rung for the first time in 1949.  In 1984, two new treble bells (each weighing about 4cwt.) were added to complete the ring of twelve.  These were cast by Taylors of Loughborough, but hung by local volunteer labour.